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  1. I still can't use it. My Roxio still shows up as "No Signal" even with the downloaded patch
  2. I know that no CD key is needed. I need the password to unlock this archive. When you download the Service Pack you're supposed to unzip it to your desktop so it can work properly. I'm trying to unzip the download to my desktop but to do that I need a password. It says that in this picture
  3. I've been having this Roxio for a while and I've never gotten it to actually work. Everything is fine, I have all the accessories it needs but it still doesn't work. The GameCap is "unspecified" as you can see in the picture. I've installed, uninstalled and re-installed the hardware and software many times but it just hasn't worked. Each time I've installed the Software (DVD) then the Hardware (Roxio GameCapture) as the instructions tell you to do but it just still never worked. When I open the program the error "No Signal" pops up and I'm thinking the Roxio might not have a signal because I need to update it. To Update I need a password. Btw, I'm using the Non-HD method but like I said I have all the accessories and I've watched Vaughn Whiskey's tutorial videos many times. Please Help.