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    Video Quality Reduced In Toast?

    I just got Toast a few days ago, and the first thing I'm doing is burning dvds of .mov files I've transferred to my computer from old VHS tapes and Hi8 tapes. As I'm looking over the footage to edit/ add chapters and such in Toast, I'm noticing that the quality of the video is reduced (and remains this way when burn to a dvd). There are horizontal lines that appear (apparently in conjunction with movement) and create a distorted look to the footage. Here are two examples: I'm concerned because this seems to be consistent with all the footage I've imported (all this VHS/Hi8 footage was imported through a program called Ezcap, using an RCA to USB cable). Also I wanted to note that I don't have these issues when playing back the footage on their original machines (VHS/videocamera), in any programs (such as QuickTime) or anywhere else (one or two clips have been uploaded to YouTube and don't display these imperfections) Can anyone please help me identify what the cause of these imperfections may be, and what I can do to get rid of them when I burn to dvd?
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    Video Quality Reduced In Toast?

    Okay I've successfully confused the hell out of myself haha. This is what I know and understand now. EZcap transferred the all the videos to my Mac as .MOV (and I had edited some of the videos in an older version of iMovie, again exporting as .MOV) Toast had the TV Standard set as PAL, and everything I have appears to be NTSC (my apologies, I keep mixing the two up, but I am 100% positive that is accurate now). This is why I kept having to reencode when I was burning. I have since changed the TV Standard to NTSC (which is where it should be, right?) Per your suggestion, I've been exporting a small clip of the footage thru Save as Disc Image (which is a god send btw haha). I played with the Field Dominance and tried exporting with each of the 4 options (Top, Bottom, Progressive, and Automatic) and saw no change in the video (there's a very noticeable improvement in the exported footage versus what I see when I watch the footage in Toast, however I'm still seeing the lines, just not as prominently and constantly). I also tried checking the "Half Pel" tab next to "Motion Estimation" just for the hell of it and that didn't appear to do anything either. I even exported with all Automatic settings and again saw no difference in the footage. Summary: all the footage exported looks the same, and though the quality is better than the preview in Toast, the exported footage still a few steps down from the footage when I open the .mov file in Quicktime. What else do you think could be causing this? By the way tsantee, thank you so much for all your help thus far! I don't know where I would be without you, and again I apologize for my mix ups. I'm still learning but I'm understanding this stuff a bit better now (I think/hope lol).
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    Video Quality Reduced In Toast?

    The format is MPEG 2. I changed reencoding to Never and it burnt fine, but it's burning as PAL so it won't play on anything aside from a laptop. When I allowed it to reencode to NTSC (which it asks me to do before I start burning) it still has the same playback issues. Any suggestions on how to get these videos to burn NTSC and prevent the video issues? I think I may need to get a rewritable dvd for this cause I'm gonna run though my dvds real quick at this rate haha.