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  1. Alright, I figured out the problem! I tried plugging the USB directly into my computer rather than that 4-way USB port, and it worked!!!!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFC97hUEYoQ - Here is the video of the way I have all the cables setup, and what I meant by a black screen on my preview.
  3. Oh sorry, yeah I installed the software before I plugged in the device.
  4. Thanks, both of you, but that's what I did. My cables are hooked up correctly in my XBOX, TV, and capture device. Also, when I try to capture, the software says it's not responding and turns into a gray screen, making me have to restart my computer. I'm gonna make a YouTube video to show you guys how it's hooked up.
  5. So, I got this Roxio Game Capture device yesterday, and set it up correctly. I have the RCA jacks going from the correct corresponding colors from the capture device to my TV. I have the XBOX 360 cables hooked up to the correct corresponding colors. I correctly installed the disc content onto my computer, and it loads fine, but I'm supposed to be seeing a preview of my XBOX screen on my computer, right? If it helps, the device was ordered via Amazon.com and came with the console AV cable, which is what I'm using now. However, it has a splitter (one side has a Red/Blue/Green set and the other side has a Red/White/Yellow set, but the yellow doesn't go anywhere, does it?).