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    Purple/black Preview Screen

    Alright I just repaired it and restarted everything and once again no luck. The preview screen will work up until I turn on my Xbox. When I turn on the Xbox, it just goes straight back to the black/purple screen!
  2. blakehenson

    Purple/black Preview Screen

    How do I turn off all of those things? I'm not the greatest with computers! Thanks!
  3. blakehenson

    Purple/black Preview Screen

    It looks like this
  4. blakehenson

    Purple/black Preview Screen

    I haven't done anything except turn it off at night. I reset everything this morning and it worked for literally a split second before going back to the purple/black screen
  5. blakehenson

    Purple/black Preview Screen

    So for the first day that I had my Roxio GameCapture HD Pro, it was working perfectly. It worked all through the night until about 11 pm pst. I went to bed that night and got up in the morning, looking forward to another great day. Everything was working perfectly, then when I went to run the Capture part of the Roxio software, everything was working besides the preview screen. The signal is good, all of the settings are correct, the only problem is that when I capture the gameplay, all of the audio is there, the video and preview screen are black though. The game is working correctly on the TV, it's just the capture card isn't working properly. Help please!