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  1. 13-06-20 16-16.zipheres the new logs see if they will help
  2. Okay here is the latest one13-03-23 15-56.zip
  3. Hey thanks for trying to help but is there anything that can stop the RGC from installing the drivers?
  4. hey i have done it three times and i think its because the drivers of the RGC are not installing onto my laptop and also its a green no signal.. is there like a away for me to install them maunlay?
  5. Okay i will try that today so once i have rebooted then i plug in my RGC?
  6. hey i just brought a roxio game capture hd pro and i pluged it all in with hdmi on my xbox 360 elite and installed everything fine and i pluged the usb into my laptop and the gamecapture lights up but the hdmi light dosnt. the recording software shows nothing and under satus its a green no signal and on my tv no signal i have tryed to restart my laptop and also reinstalled the software but still nothing the roxio aslo isnt show in the devices or sound, video and game controllers. please help