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  1. ArtDesign

    2 Formats On One Disk - Is This Possible?

    OK I will try that, Boinx have replied after much correspondence that they cannot get any better quality (i.e. no zoom transition stutter in h.264) than I have achieved and that they hope to do better with future upgrades. They say Standalone.app is the only way at present to maintain all the elements as intended, pity it will only work on Lion upwards as a lot of my clients have Leopard and Snow Leopard and some are PC.
  2. ArtDesign

    2 Formats On One Disk - Is This Possible?

    Boinx are trying, but their answers are pretty basic. I tried exporting to Quicktime HD and the quality is not bad (not as good as standalone) but the transitional zooming has a marked stuttering. Also, it adds 200mb to a 350mb original FMS file making it 550mb, this is too close to the capacity of a DVD, which is my clients preferred media.
  3. ArtDesign

    2 Formats On One Disk - Is This Possible?

    Eugene - I have run into problem. The DVDTV Player element runs fine but the standalone file FM.SA STA Schooner 1985-90_8.6.13.app does not, this may be a Fotomagico problem and I have contacted their support people - see blue text below - though cannot see how to directly attach screen-shot image to this forum. The FM.SA STA Schooner 1985-90_8.6.13.app file that was saved from the original FM STA Schooner 1985-90_8.6.13.fms file which sits on my computer hard drive and runs successfully. However, when I put it on a 'shared' DVD I have problems. I have attached a screen-shot that will tell you what I wanted and what warning window my system threw up when trying to run FM.SA STA Schooner 1985-90_8.6.13.app from a DVD disk. Plus the warning window when I also tried to copy it to my desktop - same computer as the file was originated from My enquiry is that perhaps the DVD-Rom (UDF) selected on the DATA window is not the right one for the FM STA schooner 1985-1990_8.6.13.app - what do you think?
  4. ArtDesign

    2 Formats On One Disk - Is This Possible?

    Eugene I will try this and get back to you
  5. ArtDesign

    2 Formats On One Disk - Is This Possible?

    Mac OS Lion and I am running Toast 8. I make video/slide shows that are made in a program called Fotomagico, I am able to save the original Fotomagico.fms as a 'Standalone.app' file which means it can run on any Intel Mac in super quality without having to have the program installed. I also have to supply it as a DVD format (.mov file) suitable for playing on any DVD player which will then play on TVs, the quality is much reduced as is expected. At the moment I have to supply 2 disks, it would be great if I could put both formats on one disk so that the client's have the choice on a single disk, is this possible?