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  1. Thank you - it helps to have insight from those that know
  2. Thank you for taking the time. And I think I have it down now. It mostly worked and I think if I practice it more I can get good with it. I did find that if I put the blue bar down at the onset of the camera video clip and then bright it back up to the middle that that action worked too. I think they called that the audio envelope. I see I just got another message about the envelop. THis is great and I do appreciate all this. Roxio has so many things to learn. Maybe I should learn 2011 before I move on to the upgrades - or not. Thanks again Kristen
  3. You are right, I can control the volume to go up or down by moving the arrow/adjuster. However, when I replay the clip - the changes are gone. The Help on that screen says that I should see the adjuster go up and down when I replay - but it does not. And when I say okay and play the changes I made to the volume are not there. I feel like I must be missing something - as it seems so easy. Why would the changes I make not be saved ? The version I have is creator pro 2011. But why would that feature be there if It wasn't available for that version. Believe me I've tried and tried a zillion times to change the volume - then replay the video, only to find the changes did not take effect. Kristen
  4. The response from Digital Guru did not work. Now, maybe I miss understood and/or did not explain myself right. Here is the problem again. I have 15 photos, 1 camera video with me narrating the video, and about 10 more photos. I opened video wave, added "all the pictures and video" in my folder, added background music. I clicked show hide tracks, added Native to the list. I then right clicked on native and all was good, I could here myself telling the story of the video. BUT, when I go back to listen to the video, the background music is still playing during the camera video "native sound clip". SO, then I right clicked on the music track - played it until the video came on with my talking, paused the video, turned the sound down on the music - then back up when the video was over and clicked OK... That doesn't work. SO - what am I missing?
  5. I am putting together a vacation video using my camera photo's and video. I have added background music to the entire clip. HOW, can I turn the volume down on my background music during my vacation video's that have my narration of the event. In other words, I have narrated a video that is included within the entire vacation video. The background music I added is wonderful, but I want to turn the volume of that music down while my vacation video is running so I can hear the narration. Is this possible with Creator Pro 2011 - and if not, is that feature available in any of the other newer versions? NXT or 2012 ? Kristen
  6. How can I change the volume of my background music in a clip?

  7. I want to know, when producing a video you have the option of turning the volume up or down during a clip with narration