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  1. creator nxt 4 is the newest version and it won't install on windows 10 or 7.. get's all the way through almost and than reverses and rolls back everything. No explanation given. I've given up on it. An upgrade that is worse than the previous version.. something wrong at roxio me thinks.. I have yet to find a way to get it to complete installation properly. If anyone knows how to avoid the rollback errors, let us know. I think the installaion is either bugged or broken as if it can't complete on windows 7 too, than it's not a windows 10 issue. roxio nxt 3 installs just fine on both though so not sure how this got messed up in the new version and I've seen no real solution to it anywhere as the only "fixes" offered did nothing to help. Moving back to nxt 3 now.
  2. therealone

    Creator Nxt Won't Install

    creator nxt 4 is the newest version and it won't install on windows 10 or 7.. get's all the way through almost and than reverses and rolls back everything. No explanation given. I've given up on it. An upgrade that is worse than the previous version.. something wrong at roxio me thinks.
  3. If you didn't notice I edited that out. I give attitude when I get it but no worries, I can see that there is no solution to this that you folks can help me with. I'm guessing that Roxio Bluray maker does do well with some videos.. but unfortunately I need it to do well with any video. I've done the same thing you did with VLC media player.. it opens alright and it is 16x9 but the quality is way too reduced and the 16x9 frame of the video is condensed to the middle of the screen so that there is a large black square ALL the way around it so worse than even letterboxed. Not sure why it's doin it, but I don't really care, I've already found a better software solution that can handle all video files in it's encoding to bluray.
  4. yeah yeah, research me, think you know me, blah blah blah... I DO KNOW what I'm doing. This is not about the basic software from 9 months ago... this is about the blu-ray plugin which is so basic it can't even compete with the likes of cyberlink media suite, or Sony Vegas Pro. and even a basic burn program like Leawo Total Media Converter (BluRay Burner) Sony DVD Architect. All I do know is that Roxio My DVD could make great basic DVD's out of whatever video I threw at it... The Roxio Bluray maker? Not working at all for basic use... so I will return it.
  5. Not sure how to upload an image here, but don't need to. I can confirm that the structure on the disc I burned looks like the file structure above posted by Jim. Exact same files, folders and structures. So I guess I'm just confused on how roxio could take a perfectly fine 720P HD video file and not be able to fit it correctly on a bluray for tv playback and the samsung player is a really nice one capable of playing back tons of media types.
  6. Yes I know that, these are other bluray disc creation authoring options on other more advanced blu-ray burning software and ones that are apparently necessary as when I created a bluray with a 720p bluray movie on the best quality available, Roxio software actually shrunk the movie down and stuck it in the middle of the screen upon PC playback. TV playback via a samsung BD player wasn't even possible. So I'm not sure what Roxio is actually doing when it encodes video to fit properly on a bluray disc for playback but something is not right in what it is doing here. screenshot of the disc's layout as soon as I can here.
  7. I'll post some details. Got it on the non support. don't need it rubbed in. I'm no novice by the way, I have used a multitude of burning software for dvds and blurays and am doing this to help someone using roxio, which apparently has VERY limited bluray burning options. I will post what I see on the disc that was burned, however I know the ISO was burned correctly. I'm likely just going to try to get a refund for the person using the software, as it clearly has issues in that it has limited options compared to other more robust blu-ray burning authoring software out there. I thought it would be good for someone to use due to some of its simplicity, but simplicity is apparently not a good thing when creating blu-ray movie discs.
  8. Anybody? Really? No one can answer this. How about a refund then. I bought the blu-ray HD video plugin to make Blu-ray movies on my PC and they are so far completely useless... there's no configuration options in creating a blu-ray disc with the HD videos I have... 1080p 720p MP4, MKV etc.. it just says create disc or image and when I do and burn it, the disc is clearly not compatible with a very decent and newer BD player from Samsung that has support for BD-R AVC playback so what is the problem Roxio? There doesn't seem to be any options regarding how the video is displayed in it's aspect ratio IE. Fit to screen, full screen, fill screen, letterbox etc.. I'm asking as I don't really know that I paid for anything here if Roxio's software can't even fit an HD movie correctly to be displayed just like most blu-ray movies do on 16x9 HD TV's today. Instead I get a movie shrunk to fit in the center of the screen which is worse than letterboxed. So I'm hoping someone can tell me there is a way to make/encode an HD movie to play correctly on a burned blu-ray disc like the store bought movies do or close to it as that was what is implied in the advertising.
  9. Burned a Blu-ray iso created with DVD Maker and Bluray/HD plugin but movie will not play on an updated samsung BD player on TV. What am I doing wrong here? The blu-ray is a typical 25GB BD-R and I added a 720p MP4 video that was supposedly re-encoded to the format recognizable for Blu-ray discs, and yet, the ISO burned BD-R plays back on the PC Bluray with a tiny aspect ratio centered in the screen rather than nice full hd display and on the samsung Blu-ray player, the disc just sits their loading and will not play at all.. what is the problem here?
  10. therealone

    Rant Split From Hijacked Tread

    responsive, fast, reliable and useful is what people want in their media creation tools as far as software is concerned. not what NXT is currently.
  11. therealone

    Rant Split From Hijacked Tread

    Videowave and much of Creator suite of software crashes repeatedly either on windows 7 or 8. I'm thinking because they haven't done much with the program design for years. they could be redesigning, streamlining, making it simpler and faster for basic use, but instead have created bloatware that is slow, unresponsive and in most cases not needed or wanted.
  12. therealone

    Rant Split From Hijacked Tread

    Instead of repackaging the same product over and over again, just changing the name... maybe actually make some changes, improvements.. fixes.
  13. therealone

    Rant Split From Hijacked Tread

    Wow Roxio you deleted my post talking about the endless crashes. Truth Hurts don't it. No wonder things don't change there or get improved... YOU DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR F'NG CUSTOMERS. why are you even in business if you can't take criticism?! Seriously... "hijacked thread" LOL don't make me laugh. fix your products.. thats what this is about. http://www.customerservicescoreboard.com/Roxio
  14. Video Wave and MyDVD crash constantly on my windows 8 machine. dual core. 8 gigs ram, 2 gb hd video card.. so don't tell me it's not meeting minimum specs... Here's the reality of Roxio and the quality of customer service they provide on their washed out bloatware that hasn't been fixed or working properly with stability for years now- this would explain why they have been bought out and moved from company to company in ownership of the brand, it also explains the crap quality and lack of change or fixes in a decade now. Seriously folks compare Roxio Creator Suite of products for the past 5-10 years, you will see virtually zero changes to the product overall and simply a change of the name lol! it's kinda sad that they think they can charge $100 + for their crappy products while not changing much if anything for the last 5 years. Gotta vote with your wallet folks.. keep buying crap and you will keep getting crap http://www.customerservicescoreboard.com/Roxio Roxio Videowave crashes repeatedly. Roxio's Creative Suite of programs hasn't changed for the last decade! They simply repackage the same crap and sell it off as "NEW" to PC users which is why it never works better and continually crashes, drains PC resources and HOGS the hell out of the processors on computers. Roxio = FAT Bloated, slow, unintelligent uninspired software that is overrated and over priced due to limited competition on the market. Avoid it at all costs if you can.