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    Ps4 Low Volume Output

    Hi guys, I'm having some issues capturing PS4 video. The output volume is very low. Whenever I'm working in Windows I can barely hear the Roxio capture but my Windows volume is extremely loud! The difference between the two is huge! Is there a way to fix this? Setup: PS4 - HDMI - Roxio cap - HDMI - TV | | | USB PC Cheers, Eduard
  2. EduardoGaming

    What Video File Quality Output To Use For Youtube?

    Anybody care to enlighten me?
  3. Hi guys, I started recording gameplay from my Xbox 360. (1080i , 1000kbps) I'm wondering what export format to use for Youtube. Currently I'm using Windows Media Video 9, 1920x1080 VBR. Exporting this file only take a short amount of time but the loading on Youtube seems to take longer than usual. Cheers, Eduard