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  1. Set TT to show on "all Spaces." When it finished (or started -- not sure which since I have a dozen stacked), it tossed me out of my Space (I was doing some astrophotography work in VMWare Fusion/Windows 7) and to the Space where TT was first launched -- even though TT was minimized and not visible...
  2. I just tested it. Minimized the app, switched to a different Space and did something else. When the transfer was complete, the Mac switched to the TT Space, even though I was in the middle of typing a sentence (actually middle of a word...). TT was still minimized, but it grabbed the Mac and forced a switch to its space anyway. No other app I use does that... Next I'll try setting TT to work in "all Spaces." Even though I really don't want to be seeing it everywhere, maybe it only grabs the Space and not actually the focus within a Space...?
  3. I am using Mac OS 10.8.4 and Tivo Transfer 2.0. I set up a series of movies I want TT to grab. It does this fine, but everytime a movie is complete, TT transfers me to that screen and app. I am usually in the middle of something else at the time, and it is _never_ convenient. Any way to turn this off, and just tell TT to do its thing quietly in the background?