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  1. Hi there i am having trouble finding witch version is best for my roxo game cap. i would like to use it as a webcam as doing screenshare will be annoying and it lags alot. if anyone knows witch xsplit version please let me know. thank you
  2. Corbin

    Cant Use Capture Card As Webcam

    yeah accedently did that :S
  3. Hi there recently my computer broke so i reinstalled windowns since then. ive been trying to get the roxio game cap to livestream on twitch tv. first ive tryed using the roxio livestream feature. doesnt work as i live in australia and the video is really lagy i use to use xsplit and u was able to use my capture card as a webcam. and i really would like to use it as a webcam.. because then i can read comments as i play. if anyone knows what version of xsplit please let me know. thanks