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  1. I would also get the same error code while trying to burn the video and end up with black screens. I tried creating an image file and then burned to a disc with no black screens. Did not have to change pic size or anything else.
  2. Ajijic

    Won't See Dvd In Drive For Burning

    Sorry - I'm using Roxio Creator NXT and Windows 8.1. It is not an OEM version. Have read in other posts that Roxio is aware of this issue and are looking into it. Hope this is true.
  3. Ajijic

    Won't See Dvd In Drive For Burning

    I believe the problem is between the Roxio software and Window 8. I'm using Roxio Creator 10 and Windows 8. Roxio would not recognize the DVD in the Dell PC. I attached an external DVD disc drive and was successful.
  4. Ajijic

    Error Msg When Burning -

    Looks like everything is too old to update. Thank you so much for your assistance.
  5. Ajijic

    Error Msg When Burning -

    I did defrag the disk and tried to burn to a disc image file and a folder set at different times. Each time would receive the error message. 8004520c. The instructions were to defrag and burn to these files/folders instead of the disc.
  6. Ajijic

    Error Msg When Burning -

    The disc size is 8.5GB and the file shows 45+ minutes remaining on the disc.
  7. When I go to burn to a DVD, I keep getting an error message - one is you should defrag your disk and then burn to an disc image file or a folder set. I did the defrag and tried the burn to the disc image file and to the folder set. Didn't help. Still won't finish the encoding. Any ideas?