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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. What do you mean by "Internal tracks?" Right now, I don't have the software so It's hard to picture what you're trying to get at. Please explain more. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I hear Videowave is pretty much Creator 2012 and as I am getting a Roxio GameCap HD PRO, I would like to know how many audio tracks I can add. Bare in mind that I also need to add commentary. So I know commentary counts as one audio track so how many can I add from there. IF I am allowed more than 2, please can you tell me how to add more because a lot of my videos will require more than one audio track. Thanks for help
  3. AlexBR

    Can I Buy Videowave Sepratley?

    Ah thanks for the reply
  4. Hello, I recently sold my Roxio Game Capture and so I had to include the software which came with it. I liked Roxio Videoeave for its ease of use, so I'm wondering if there is anywhere I can buy this program sepratley from like Amazon or maybe, even the Roxio website. Repies are appreciated. Thank you!