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    Dvd Not Burning?

    Hi, My office has recently purchased a LaCie BluRay/DVD player/burner and with it came Toast11. We are trying to burn a regular DVD on Toast 11 but it crashes whenever we attempt to do so. It allows us to set up, choose all settings etc, but when it comes to actually burning it fails. We click the 'burn' button, and a new window opens with a progress bar. At the bottom of this it says 'complete' - and the progress bar doesn't move. Shortly after, the window saying toast has unexpectedly quit pops up and we try again. The computer then registers that we have inserted a blank DVD. Are we doing something wrong? It seems like the computer itself (brand spankig new iMac) is speaking to the LaCie very well, but the communication falters with toast. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Sophy.