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  1. I have read thru about everything that i can find and i cannot come up with a solution. It seems that this question has beed asked often and nobody seems to reply if they got it fixed. Very frustrating!
  2. I have a HP Pavilion Model p7-1003w, It is Windows 7 home Premium, 64bit, AMD Athlon II X4 650 Processor 3.20ghz, 8GB Ram, ATI Radeon HD 4200, I am using Roxio Easy VHS to DVD (build 201B23A ENU) and there is no other Roxio software on here
  3. Okay I have seen a lot of problems with this error on the internet and cannot seem to find a resolution for it. I had a older version of Easy VHS to Dvd and it worked great for awhile. Then my wife got her new computer and it is windows 7 64bit. It still records fine but when trying to trim the video it does not stay there after you hit stop. it just puts the video in the designated folder. So if i try to import it, it crashes every time. So i contact customer service to get a answer because it was after the 14 day period. The lady tells me you need to upgrade and that should fix it. So i upgraded to the newest version and nope it did not fix the issue. So with this new version I send in for my technical support code and I get a emai that states that it should be arriving shortly. So i can customer service again and they tell me it could take 24 hours to get the code. I just paid for this software and cannot get any support right now? COME ON! I get the emai the next day and submit the report. Well it taked another 24 hours for them to get back with me and what they told me did not work. I sent them a email back and have not heard from them in over 24 hours now. Why cannot you just talk to someone on the phone? This is clearly the worst customer service and tech support that i have ever seen on anything that i have purchased. And of course i am not home right now to give you the version that i am running but i know it is the latest. So here is my error message: An unknown error has occurred, The application will shut down now. Exception:Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Thanks for any help i can get