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    Sudden Media Capacity Problem

    We've been using Toast forever to burn our DVDs and Blurays. (We have the latest version) We have burned several this wedding season with no problems, some .iso files upwards of 4.2gb ....we are well aware that even though DVDs have a 4.7gb capacity, it's really less than that...which is fine, and not the issue. The issue is that suddenly out of no where, Toast is now underestimating the capacity of DVDs... It's saying available space on DVDs is only 3.14gb. Every other type of media seems to be accurate. Even copying a pre-existing DVD will not work, even though we have not changed anything in our work flow. Has anyone else experienced this or have a fix for it? Checked for updates and there are none, and as far as I know, we haven't done one recently. I did try deleting the preferences from our library and restarting, as that was suggested on another forum, but that didn't help. I have not tried re-installing the program yet, I guess that would be the next step but thought I would check if anyone here has experienced this. Thanks!