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    I Give Up With Creator Nxt Pro

    Just as a final comment on this and I'm sorry I kept you on your toes. After trying on my rebuilt PC for several days, whilst I taxed your patience; I have loaded it onto a a stock i5 laptop we have for sale to a client and it works perfectly as described. I reckon that ontop of the low priced software I going to have to invest in a new PC too. Thanks for the banter
  2. Nick Boot

    I Give Up With Creator Nxt Pro

    :-) There is plent of info if you bother to scroll through the blog - You have the fact its a sony HDD camcorder, the fact its a w7 32 bit pc cleanly set up, all drivers updated and only Roxio Creator NXT pro etc. etc. on. Ive followed all the advice. cant use the creator 2011 cleaner as I had 2012 pro on. Im still waiting for something that approximates a little deeper insight. I appreciate that you are the first line of defense for Roxio/Corel/pinnacle, but something more useful that repeats and a rash of emoticons would be of more help. The steps are these:- PC up and running, open Roxio and go to import video. then we get a glazed over expression on the PC and a videowave failure message. Not come across this one yet maybe?
  3. Nick Boot

    I Give Up With Creator Nxt Pro

    I england we have phrase which is "neither use nor ornament", having read much of your sarcastic comments to the users of this so called help forum I reckon this describes you perfectly
  4. Nick Boot

    I Give Up With Creator Nxt Pro

    And No thats doesnt do it either still crashes with the VideoWave not working error message. Any further handihints and tips?
  5. Nick Boot

    I Give Up With Creator Nxt Pro

    Hi, Ive gone for scorched earth policy. As the PC is 3 years old and its my exoffice PC ive reloaded w7 on as "new" and will put Roxio on to a clean pc. Will let you know.
  6. Nick Boot

    I Give Up With Creator Nxt Pro

    Just tried again and the error message say "VidoeWave has stopped working". Hope this helps.
  7. Nick Boot

    I Give Up With Creator Nxt Pro

    Hi Chaps I have at last managed to get The camera recognised by the Creator NXT Software and imported the Films from the Sony HDD camera onto the Hard drive of my PC. (Without crashing and all seems stable as it should be) The next issue is that MYDVD freezes when I go from choosing the AVCHD disc option and then during the import routine from my PC folder where the Films are stored - Im wondering if during all the remove/reinstallation ive done that there is something left from an older version of Roxio on this PC thats throwing it out. Is there a piece of software that clears every trace of Roxio from the PC, even in the registery, so I canm start from a clean PC. This owuld be chaeper than buying a new PC? :-)
  8. Nick Boot

    I Give Up With Creator Nxt Pro

    Hi The details are as follows June 14 th I Bought NXT as my Sony HDR-XR155 is no longer recognised by Video to DVD 3. As a casual user of Home video I have 5 video cameras from VHS, SVHS, DV and DVD to current Sony HDD. On opening Video to DVD it recommended NXT - I already have various versions of Creator 20XX on my work PC so thought this is good. The old Video to DVD USB connector has now become "legacy" so I then had to buy the new one connector. The PC crashes at the point the software is looking for the camera connection. The error message is basically an issue with igdkmd32.sys. Ive updated the USB driver and also all of the drivers associated with graphics (which I believe the error message to be caused by) and audio and anything that came along. Re connected and still crashed. several permutations of when camera turned on doesnt improve my Blue screen view in any way. My frustration is bourne of the ever increasing cost of technology "improvements" and the lack of backwards compatibility. But mainly because my Son's wedding is stuck on my Camera. The PC im working off is as follows Intel Duo Core CPU E6550 2.33Ghz with 4 gb ram and 32 bit W7 Any suggestions are gratefully received and even though Ive asked for a refund, whether i take it up or not will be my decision in the end as I have a lot or legacy video I was going to put on DVD, or Bluray or 4k or whatever they comeup with next. Yours Britsh and Disgruntled
  9. Nick Boot

    I Give Up With Creator Nxt Pro

    I have had the software for 2 weeks; having upgraded as suggested from 2012pro as my 2 year old Sony HDD camera would no longer talk to the 2012 software????? Anyway I have just received the new uptodate USB connector from the states (yes ive downloaded the driver)- and the whole lot togther now crashes. despite different combinations of reinstalls etc.etc. Im fed up of navigating through self help, customer unhelp and the no help without paying scenarios so have applied to day for a full refund. Running w7 as W8 should be described as a health hazard. and am throuroughly fed up. to put it mildly. If anyone has a cure that doesnt involve reinstalling it all or calling the £££££££ helpdesk Id be grateful. Or maybe i should buy Pinnacle instead. Yours in close to apoplexy Nick