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    Roxio Creator 2012 Pro - Backontrack

    Thanks guys, I did have to re-install the original CD's to get a version that would work. But it finally did. I so much was hoping to find just a simple restore app and not have to install the full app. But at least I recovered the files that they wanted and I guess that was worth the little extra effort.
  2. Computer died and was replaced as we had backups of the important stuff in BOT (BackOnTrack - Roxio Creator 2012 PRO), but as I am seeing on these forums, these may not have offered the protection that was anticipated. We have some 35, 000 pictures that we would really like to get from the backup drive. We can see all the files on the drive, but each file has an associated %%stream file with it, and this seems to mean that the file cannot be copied or read directly. How is it "restored" as the Original creator CD does not a restore program on it - which itself is a tragedy.