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    Roxio Game Capture Installation Failure

    I got it working, I had to switch to another CD I had, But it works now. Thanks
  2. I am trying to install Roxio game capture, But it always gets to a certain point and than says it was interrupted. I have tried running it as Administrator and even with my Firewall off, and it still does not work I run a Windows 8 64 bit Samsung Laptop LogFile 14-07-29 20-10.zip
  3. SO my old computer bit the dust and Now i need the software again for my Roxio. I have it registered to my account so I have the 17 digit Product code, I just need the software
  4. And if so, How would I go about doing that?
  5. oBraeburno

    Voice Recorders For Roxio

    I have Roxio set up on my 360 to record party chat, but now I need something to record my voice. I tried Audacity, But that shrinks the file when I remove noise. Any suggestions?