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    Toast 9 : Deleting Temporary Files

    I have Roxio Video Capture. It has worked several times. I do not have Toast installed. Now when I run Roxio Video Capture then record, then stop nothing happens so I close Roxio and click don't save and I get a message couldn't remove "Roxio Video Capture Temp[4].mov". I cannot find any such file in Finder to drag to the trash.
  2. I am a new user of Roxio VHS to DVD for Mac. I have installed ver. 2.0.1(135). I did not install Toast. I have captured a couple of .mov files that I captured, edited and finished in Roxio Video capture and then burned a DVD using iDVD. Worked fine. Now Roxio video capture is not working properly. After recording it does not let you edit and finish then when I exit it says couldn't delete temporary file. "Roxio Video Capture Temp[4].mov" couldn't be removed. Apparently there is a huge temp file that cannot be removed and I cannot find it to delete it. Is Toast required to delete these temp files? If I install toast now will it link to the existing temp files? I have no Roxio converted items folder that Toast makes.