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    Can't Post To Website

    Dear sknis, many thanks for your solution. From the looks of it, you have made many users happy! Blessings, Faustina
  2. Faustina

    Can't Post To Website

    Thank you for your response. The Photoshow was uploaded to the photoshow website and the link is there, however, I wanted to insert the html directly into our organization's website. I've done this at least 5 other times with other photoshows. In each of the earlier cases, the html code was given to copy and paste. While the instructions to do so this time are there, the actual html code is missing. I did, for the time being, insert the link but that shows more than the photoshow itself which is what I was able to get with html code. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Faustina

    Can't Post To Website

    I wanted to post to a website and there is no html code to copy and paste. When I click on the Post link, I get only the instruction and the Photoshow player option box.
  4. Faustina

    Expired Security Certificate

    I tried to sign in to my photoshow premium account today and am getting message that the site security certificate has expired. Time and date are correct so it is not an internal issue. Anyone else having a problem? Thanks