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  1. ...and what happened when you tested it with an HDMI from a DVD or BD Player?


    The same thing happens, there is a great picture and no sound.


    If the ports on the roxio must be okay because the sound passes through to the TV perfectly, but it seems like the internal connection from the HDMI to the USB port that gets sent to the computer has a problem.


    If it is faulty is there any sort of warranty, to get a replacement?

  2. Also, check your options. the sound recording input may be set to your microphone instead of the gamecap pro card.


    I know it has been a while, but I just decided to play around with this again before I eBay it.


    Using another laptop and another set of cables this issue is still exactly the same which does point at a faulty HDMI port I guess. Also to confirm all HDMI cables work with sound directly to the TV.


    However I don't see any options to set the sound input in the Capture software, am I missing something?


    Bonus video of what it is currently doing:




    Also for further troubleshooting I have connected a DVD player in and that is picture and no sound also via HDMI.

  3. I have read every thread I can find on this issue but Is it safe to say that the WiiU is not compatible with the Roxio HD pro when using HDMI?


    Everything is working fine with component and HDMI for various consoles but when using HDMI cables for the WiiU I only get video and no sound on the PC.


    The picture displays on the TV but it doesn't have sound either. However when going directly with either cable from the TV to the WiiU sound works fine, so I know the cables/wiiU are fine.


    Just to confirm the setup I am going:


    WiiU -> Roxio HD pro(via HDMI) then from the Roxio -> TV(HDMI) PC(USB).


    Sample video with no sound here:



    Would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction of a HDMI workaround.