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    My DVD 9

    Just recently purchased Easy Media Creator 9 and have been having no issues with creating a project but once it comes to sending the project to 'MyDVD' or 'MyDVD Express' the issues begin. The production shows up on the title screen as it should, butonce I push Burn, all I can see is the Encoding Preview window, and nothing happens. I thought this may be an unfixable issue due to it being a user/computer error on my part, so I went out and purchased Easy Media Creator 8. I tried the same thing, and had no problems whatsoever, in fact I sat down and enjoyed my first DVD creation last night. But this was only with Easy Media Creator 8, (MyDVD, and Video Wave 8), not 9. The issue still arise with MyDVD 9 and I would like to know if this issue is going to be fixed soon, My projects come out so much better with Video Wave 9, but I cannot burn a project completed from Video Wave 9. Which is not what I spent a $100 on a program for. Please help, Needing information
  2. Information

    My DVD 9

    Issue fixed.... Thank you so much for the help, I feel bad now for spending the extra 100 to get Roxio Creator 8... Thinking it was software isues..... Thanks again for the help...
  3. Information

    My DVD 9

    OKay, I hate to sound like a computer illiterate person, but when it comes to certain things, that is just what I am. I downloaded the most updated DirectX9 program, and yet still have the issue that you nailed right on the button. So apparently I need to check the video card... Now, this is where I get confused... I have an NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Graphics Card... I see you have a 6200, but the difference shouldn't be that much of a problem, (correct?)... What do I need to do though to get updates? Maybe just a helpful finger point in the right direction could help out, thank you.
  4. In a basic sense of all this, I have installed uninstalled, re-installed and I still come to this one dead-end that's just boggling my computer illiterate mind. Why do I need to go through Online Regisration when first of all the link site does not exist? and secondly, I already registered through the www.roxio.com site. The issue I am having is that everytime I go to open Roxio EMC 9, (any program, audio, video, music, etc.) The first window to pop up is the product registration window. It does it's thinking, and then poof... "INTERNET EXPLORER SCRIPT ERROR" line: 3 character: 1 error: syntax error code: 0 URL: http://registration.roxio.com/registration...amp;state=state This error pops up about 13 more times with different line nubers streaming all the way to line: 166 maybe higher. Then when all is done and said, I am left with an empty shell of a website. Dead end... Nothing but a 'CTRL' 'ALT' 'DEL' end task answer in my books. Does anyone, know what could be done to fix this issue, if anything? This really disheartens my trust in Roxio now... This is the first program I have ever brought home and not have work the way the manual specifically states it would. Beyond upset, in fact not even upset, just disheartened...