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  1. Ok, here goes with answers. I have a Samsung Digital Camera Model SCD103. I think it the camera was plugged in while I installed. Antivirus was left on. Sorry Jim, I do not see a Win-Pause. I am also not sure how to locate the drivers - nothing new comes up at the bottom when I plug it in. Not sure if you can get the info from this attachment. I have a Win 7 64 bit made by Cyberpower. Intel Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz, 4.0 GB. Also the system shows that the Windows experience index is 5.9 with Processor: 6.9, RAM 5.9, Graphics: 6.0, Gaming Graphics: 6.9 and Primary hard disk 5.0. Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTS250. When I go under device manager the only driver I see is the TSST corp CDDVDW SH-S223C ATA Device. Let me know if I need to provide anything else. ALSO, I tried to uninstall to do it again without device plugged and with antivirus off but it came up saying a file was missing so uninstall was not completed. DxDiag.txt
  2. Hello, Newby here. Want to transfer video from video camera to computer to do some editing and dvd making. I bought Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus and installed it. Everything seemed to go well. I open it and it froze. Would not respond at all. Waited hours and still froze. I did a repair install and now it opens but freezes when I try to locate file to import. I have tried everything I can think of. I have a new Win 7 64bit system. IS this the problem and how can I fix it? Thanks, AJJMH