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  1. THANKS DG! I've seen you a lot around here and appreciate your service in the forums. In fact, I almost sent you a personal message about this cause I was going rather bonkers trying to find a thread that addressed this. Thanks again. I'll try that, but I doubt that will help. I've done a shutdown or restart a few times since then.
  2. Greetings. I am rather new to Toast and this should be fairly simple, but it's got me stymied. I'm using Toast 9.0.1 with a Mac 10.5.8 and I've been burning to dvd data files of movies and episodes of whole seasons of tv shows. With the first few discs I burned, I was able to later insert any burned disc and move-to-desktop (copy on to my desktop) individual files and folders so that I could watch one or two episodes while another disc was burning or the drive was otherwise in use (and also to take advantage of the faster processing). But now, all the rest of my burned discs will not allow me to copy files or folders from a disc I burned; all I can do is duplicate THE ENTIRE DISC rather than just a few files. And this is true regardless of format (avi, mkv, or mp4). I can't figure out what in the world has changed from those first batches to the later ones or why there would be such a distinction. The discs are all the same. "Preferences" gives no indication. Before burning the latest disc, I searched for a checked box option or some setting that closed off future copying of burned data. Nothing. And I can't figure out HOW to search for a topic like this in Toast Help (or on this forum) without overloading the search matrix. Now I'm stuck because I have lots more data to burn but I don't want to make any more discs without first resolving this issue. It seems ridiculous that I can't copy to desktop files from a disc I burned myself. PLEASE HELP!