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    Photoshow Issues With Windows 8

    This issue has been resolved Desktop Roxio photoshow version is now working. I checked this past weekend.
  2. monik

    Photoshow Issues With Windows 8

    I cant open the desktop software I do not use IE for logging into the site. I have the same problem as stated at the beginning of the blog and it is due to the time zone and date, of the computer which it is correct but the software does not log in. I have downloaded the last version of desktop and it will not let me log into the software I can actually log in into the site, but for me it is not an option I like to keep things in my computer which is faster for the images processing. SInce it tells me to log in to the server for verification purposes it gives me the pop up window that others have and it wont let me paste. YEsterday I spent hours with CS of ROxio phone site without any results and finished frustrated. Reason why I found this post. THere is another post that asks for help in which digital guru says there is no solution. Is the log in using IE10 in the background to connect to the server for verification purposes? thank you for any help you can provide. THe error says Cannot Authenticate to the roxio photo show server, this is most likely because the date and time are incorrecltly set and so on, I got the errors in the web site but I went through them by ignoring the warnings. DEsktop version does not want to work. I can only tell you that I am using the last version of photoshow because when the problems started I re loaded that last version. I cant open it because of the error above so I cant give you the exact number. BTW Roxio Tech support is non existant.
  3. monik

    Photoshow Issues With Windows 8

    I have been given a warning not to recommend any software when Roxio works for everyone, i guess that not everyone that pays is allow to use the software let alone get the money back because this is not really working for any of the people in this post. skins solve my issue..... in the mean time I am happy with (deleted) until I have this resolved or my money back I guess I will be banned from this group for saying it again.... I would appreciate it to get my money back since ROXIO STOPPED WORKING FOR ME WEEKS AGO.... IS THAT FAIR??? or is this post to talk about how good it works for everyone????
  4. Same boat. Windows 8, got sick of customer service uselessness and their ghost links... Unfortunatelly the store is also a ghost and the service doesnt recognize your purchase to request a refund..... I moved to (deleted) works and you can add music and different transition effectst to each slide.... accepts all size of pictures and ..... I think I got a loss of money not quality.... plus you buy (not allowed) t once... you use it until you buy the next version no yearly updates.... and as a bonus you get (software).. purchasing the non commercial version with license for 3 pc's a bargain... and you can find free tutorials in youtube.... this ROXIO site sucks!!! ahhh I almost forgot... you can also make wmv movies.... to post in the web. my recommendation of other software was not spam it is from MICROSOFT NOT SPAM you read that?
  5. monik

    Please Help!

    Thank you Bruce.... I gave up. Using (deleted) ... works... :-)
  6. monik

    Please Help!

    where are the post below the first one????