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    Encoding Movies

    sknis. Yeh I hear what you are saying. The machine is getting on a bit but lots of space on it and nothing else running. I stress, Its the only thing that is slow. doing the same movie in windows movie maker takes about 30 mins. I use Norton to clean up regularly. Jim_Hardin. What is your Widows Experience Index? (Win-Pause) What are the Properties of your Source file? What are the Properties of your Output target? I think the answer to your questions are.. ​ Experience index...Dont know and dont know how to find it! Source file is MPEG 2 if thats what you are asking. Output target properties I havent a clue. were do I find that. Dave.
  2. D & G

    Encoding Movies

    Yes the machine is a PB Intel core 2 Quad processor 2.4 Hz 1066MHz FSB, Operating system is Vista 32 bit. The original video driver was upgraded from NVIDIA geForce 8500GT. Yes I have upgraded from EMC 10 but still got the same problem. Nothing else is running when encoding. I wonder if it was the upgrade of the driver suggested by Roxio? Problem is I dont use the program very offten just once a year or so, so I cant remember when it all started to slow down. I cant revert back to original driver as there has been a couple of upgrades since. Worst case is I use the recovery disc to get back. D
  3. It now takes me 3 hours just to encode a 25 min movie. Whats gone wrong? I'm running EMC 12 with Vista. Everything else works fine. D & G.
  4. I hear what you are saying. I keep the machine clean and nothing much is running now that hasn't run before. It takes up to 3 hours now to encode 45 min video. At one time this would have been much less than a hour total. I did get a message in Roxio some time ago advising that my Video driver may be out of date so I updated it. Its hard to say if this was to blame as I use roxio once in a blue moon these days so cant put a time line on the changes/ program problems. Everything else runs fine. The Machine is Intel core 2 Quad processor 2.4 Hz operating system is Vista. Again no problems in this area either. Its probably about time I upgraded anyway so will concider getting Creator 12 as its cheap right now. Thank for you thoughts Regards D&G
  5. Creator 10. Encoding my production now takes hours and almost comes to a standstill. Burning is OK. What can this be?