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    Audio Isn't Very Loud

    Hello guys, I started a livestream yesterday and i have a problem with the audio. A friend of my had listend to it and he had to put his audio to the max. Is there any way of setting the audio louder. or is it possible to have the audio seperate of the video and through a third-party programm to set the audio louder.
  2. Heey. I bougt the Roxio game capture card HD pro yesterday. I really love it, but i have one small question. I had recorded a Half an hour video that i want to split to two video's of 15 minutes. When i have done that, the audio of the game gets a delay of 3 á 4 seconds. Is there any way of fixing this? and if its is necesary, here are the specs of my laptop that i am using at the moment Intel® Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz 4 GB RAM 4.7 on the windows index