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    Stomper Label Calibration

    I am trying to print a stomper label using the Roxio label program but I am unable to calibrate my printer which is an HP ENVY 5660 All-in-One. At one time I had the calibration settings proper but I have lost the page that told me to set the left-right and the top-bottom settings. Now it prints in the center of the page rather than in the respective side positions that CD Stomper 2-up Standard utilizes. Can anyone help.
  2. There are several problems that I have been having and so to begin with, I am printing with a HP Photosmart C5180 All-in-One. It doesn't recognize nor does it have a setup for CD Stomper Labels. I have tried to calibrate the printer using the calibration page and the alignment letters do not even fall within the printed test page. The circle printed and the letters simply do not align and therefore the calibrations is impossible. I have also tried setting the Printing Preferences and they don't align the printed image with the label image. Something is definitely wrong and I am at a loss and any help would greatly be appreciated.