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  1. After PCS'ing I have not been able to find the disc. I still have my cd sleeve with the key and I have registered the product under this account. Just can't seem to find it. I would greatly appreciate any help in getting the installation software. Thanks in advance.
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    No Signal

    I've had the Roxio Game Capture Standard for about 6 months. First 3 months worked fine. Suddenly it just quit working. Checked all the cables, updated drivers, checked for windows updates, disabled anti-virus, and reinstalled software. I'm still getting through put from my xbox to my tv. Once the recording software is open I have No Signal in RED and I can't select an input device. Under sound, video and game controllers I do have the two Roxio GAMECAP drivers, both of which have been checked for updates. The software has been updated to SP1. I've even replaced the USB cable to see if that would change anything but no joy. When I uninstalled the software I unistalled the drivers as well. Also reinstalled MSXML 4. I've exhausted my troubleshooting abilities. Any help would be greatly appreciated.