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    Chapter Menu Problems

    Thank You very much for offering your help! I manage now so that I only create chapters, not chapter menus. This way nothing hangs. Hopefully someone will figure out what causes the hanging if chapter menus are created, it would be nice to use that feature too some day. (And yes, I was referring to the old MyDVD 9 program which I purchased in 2007. Please feel free to split and move this to the right discussion chain.)
  2. Joe111

    Chapter Menu Problems

    I purchased Creator NXT yesterday. I have used MyDVD 9 earlier, so I am familiar with the program, and have never had a similar problem. I got the same problem immediately trying to edit chapter name - the program hangs. The same happens if you just try to open the Chapter Menu. ( I use Windows 7 if this info helps.) This is how I have created chapters: On MyDVD Project view window (on the left bottom corner) 1. I right click the name of the imported movie. 2. Edit Chapters 3. I choose "At start of every panel" and have a tick in the box "Generate chapter menu..." . The chapters are created successfully, although I do get an error message :”Some chapters were not added due to chapter spacing rules.” I don’t know what this means, as I do get all the chapters. 4. Then in Project view I right click the newly created “Chapter Menu”…. and MyDVD hangs. I did notice that if I created only 3 chapters, it worked, I could edit the Chapter menu and chapter name! But in my films I need to have 10-30 chapters, so this problem is a real pain to me. I don’t have the time to play and try to find a solution to the problem. I purchased the program and I expect the basic functions to work! Please fix this problem asap.