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    Playing Ps1 Games On Ps2 - No Tv Output.

    Yo yo, I've been using the HD Pro for a while now for the PS3, PS2 and it's working like an absloute charm.. until I tried a PS1 game in the PS2 today. I bought a used PS2 since my old one wouldn't read the discs and I wanted to go back in time. THE PROBLEM: Now the PS2 works with the game cap using component cables, it's absolutey fine in doing so. Today I've tried to play a PS1 game on the PS2 and record it with the Gamecap but for some reason, the moment the PS1 logo on the tv vanishes the screen flickers a few times then just goes blue. The Gamecap software plays preview audio and displays the PS1 footage fine, it even records it and produces useable files for editing but for some reason there is no TV output going on at all. I restarted the console and the TV output started working again all the way until the PS1 logo faded out, flicekred a few times then there was nothing being displayed on the TV and the software continued to work just fine. What on earth could be causing that? I can't think for the life of me why the software would work 100% with the footage but the hardware seems to stop giving me an output. I'm currently using a component in - HDMI out and I've had no problems until now. Any ideas?
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    Playing Ps1 Games On Ps2 - No Tv Output.

    It works just fine! Would it maybe work if I used a converter on the PS2? Convert the AV cables to Component? If all else fails I'll just use my HDMI splitter so I can plug that into the tv and the cap card instead of using the card as a middle man.