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  1. ok my last post i take it there is nothing i can do to get this program to work in the xp.. is that right or is there something else i could try please help..
  2. so i guess i cant get it to work right then..
  3. sorry this is after reboot same error. that i started out with..
  4. ran the fix still no dice even after restart.. still same error. it ever ask for a update eather..
  5. i posted a pic showing you what im getting
  6. there is no way for me to uninstall legacy video capture device' there is no choice for uninstalling it..
  7. i tryed that it wants me to update it or scan for something or properys.. there is no uninstall and delet..
  8. i dont know what legacy video capture devices..its one of the drivers..i had a ps2 webcam hooked up to it at one time.. then same cams stuff but other then that i dont know.. its also been reformated about a year ago.. from start.. i got it as a used pc.. so i reformated it down to the start.. with help as you can see.. also had to put a new hard drive in it at one point.. other then that i done know.
  9. sorry first one was wrong pic
  10. ok i had it hooked up the long way.. i had to redo my entertamet center anyway.. i got it pluged right in.. i had it on a roxio then exnter then pc.. so i took out the middle..
  11. yes its pluged in.. like was saying it showed at one time them when i look again it was gone.. it wont stick..
  12. ok im having problems with the pictue thing so i can tell you whats there. sound. video and games contollers audio codecs legacy audio drives legacy video capture devices media control devices realtek ac'97 audio video codecs when i started typeing it did have a roxio one but now its not there.. looks like it wont stick..