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    Whole Screen Glitches Out

    Interesting results. The software does exactly what it's supposed to do in the new user's profile, but when I start up the software on the usual account the screen glitches out again.
  2. paleselan

    Whole Screen Glitches Out

    Geek Squad couldn't figure it out...
  3. paleselan

    Whole Screen Glitches Out

    I forgot to mention that I also installed new printer software
  4. paleselan

    Whole Screen Glitches Out

    Hey, guys. I'm really perplexed right now. For the last few months I've been using the HD Pro 2-3 times per week. The device was working exactly as I was expecting and I wasn't having any issues. Last friday, Geek Squad did a clean-up on my laptop and all of a sudden my capture card is no longer working the way it's supposed to. Whenever I open up the "capture" software, my whole computer glitches out. My whole screen blinks on and off and I'm not able to capture anything, or see anything below the top half of the screen. Please help me out, my setup for capture has stayed exactly the same.