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    Toast 10 Freezing Under Mavericks

    I'm having the same problem. Reinstalling Toast 10 did not solve it. I have to restart my iMac to get it to open (sometimes).When I do get it to open and attempt to record a video which is 3.96gb, I get the message that (there is not enough free space on this disc: 4.72gb are needed, 4.38gb are available).
  2. Phindley

    Disc Image File Will Not Burn

    I did what you suggested and it worked but only for the first couple of times. Evidently I have a problem with my recorder but thanks for letting me find that out. Phindley
  3. Phindley

    Disc Image File Will Not Burn

    I tried this & it did not recognize the DL disc but it does recognize the regular 4.7 disc. I don't understand this because I have used these DL disc'c before with no problem. Thanks for the suggestion. Phindley
  4. Phindley

    Disc Image File Will Not Burn

    My disc image file will not burn. The file is 7.16 GB & I am using a double layer disc. A little while after it is inserted, the disc is ejected. I get no messages as to why. I have tried several different disc's to see if that might be the problem, but no luck. Please help. Thanks, Phindley