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    Problems Livestreaming.

    I can see and record all fine again, I am just back to square one where it refuses to stream without pausing no matter what quality setting and bitrate and server I choose. I believe that recording problem came up because I was re-installing the capture card and everything trying to fix this weird issue with streaming. I ended up just re-installing windows basically since I had nothing on this laptop yet other than windows updates and the capture card and software, then just made sure I installed it correctly, and I was able to record again. I haven't applied any weird settings to the laptop or added anything to it. It comes up like this now.
  2. So some months ago, I had this problem with this newer laptop I am using atm. http://forums.suppor...-red-no-signal/ That problem arose because I was trying to figure out the problem behind why my stream pauses very very often when using this capture card on this laptop. I was using a broken down dell with almost not even bare min req's to use the device and streaming 480p fine. I try to stream on this laptop that has well over those req's and I cant even stream 240p There are not many servers to connect to using the capture card, but I have tested putting the bitrate at only like 500 on 240 360 480 it still pauses. I used to get 1500+ on some of these servers no problem now I can only get like 1100 on the two in texas and the others don't give me almost anything. I used to use the VA servers on the other laptop and it worked fine, now VA is giving me around 500. ( ) (this laptop it refuses to work with) System Model: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC BIOS: Default System BIOS Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Available OS Memory: 2976MB RAM Page File: 1520MB used, 4427MB available Windows 7 DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Old old old laptop it will work with. Inspiron 1525 Vista only has a 1.86 GHz (2CPU) 2038 RAM Direct X 11. I use the recording feature fine when I actually record something. I almost want to say it's a windows 7 problem or something but I don't get why it won't work.
  3. It wont even allow me to format, and when i restart the laptop and keep hitting F11 for system recovery to pop up it shows at the bottom left. System Recovery F11. It just decides to load windows normally. Even if I hit ESC, and get the list of options before a restart hitting the system recover button F11, just loads the laptop regular. Alright I had a backup idea, I was lucky and when i was given the laptop it had the windows 7 install disc in it. I decided to reinstall windows to pretty much get the laptop to force me to let it restart as if i had just opened it up for the first time. I am going to let windows install all the important updates than the first thing I am going to do is correctly install the Roxio. So Install Disc -> Restart -> Install disc Repair -> Restart -> Plug into USB? (Checking for updates on both install/repair) While that laptop is getting and installing all the windows updates I hooked the roxio up to this older laptop and the device works fine. http://img14.imagesh...4/1672/czuk.png Update: I did all that, the device is, where it should be on the list, then there was an unknown device windows said it was ENE receiver and sent me where to get that driver installed. I did that, it says it cant run (code 10), not sure what that's about. The capture card and program are working I can see video clear i can go into options and things without it crashing . I can record/stream I am back at where I started with the stream pausing every 3 seconds. (As for saying it would be my internet because it is the stream function. I have 25 Download 5 Upload, 720p uses only 1500 and 480p only uses about 1100. I get those very frequent pauses no matter what quality I try and stream at from 240-360-480-720 it does not matter) Under Sound,Video, and game controllers the Roxio GameCAP HD PRO shows up there and there is no transcoder in the other area. If I go to hardware and sounds -> Device and printers., Devices -> Mouse -> wireless transceiver for the mouse -> picture of the laptop. Printers and faxes Fax -> Microsoft XPS Unspecified Transcoder (Right click properties Name: Roxio GameCAP HD PRO. Device Status: Working properly) I just feel like this is some weird windows 7 thing happening. I tried running the program in different compatibility modes that just turned up the same results, I have it set to run as admin, I was manually running it as admin.
  4. So format the C drive or Factory default the laptop?
  5. Alright so I need to format the C Drive? I was thinking about factory defaulting it when it first messed up, I really only have a few things on this laptop. Nothing I can't lose. I was thinking something could just be wrong with the laptop due to the fact I was not the first owner, I did help set it up when the person I got it from just bought it, but who knows what happen to it after that. I literally have the roxio stuff installed along with, heroes of newerth and steam. That is really about it. Nothing I can't get again.
  6. I'm the only person here running HDMI on things. The extra xbox is using a universal component cable the cable box to tv is using component. Just didn't have extra to test the roxio with component and not rigging it the RCA way you stated. All my things are HDMI. Alright also I just tested it with component, I was able to get ahold of a universal console component cable and used it on a different xbox input into the roxio then i unplugged the cable boxes component cords to use as the output to the tv. Got picture on the tv just like when I test it with my set up with the HDMI cords Was still a red no signal. with the input drop box on HDMI(greyed out) not able to switch to component but the devices light was lite as component. Edit: Also I checked the back of the cable box, it had no HDMI plug only USBs, or I would have tried testing HDMI like that. 2nd edit: Could this laptop be missing any type of program or something that I could be over looking, that could aid in this problem? This laptop was a gift to me since the one I used to use the capture card on was breaking down little by little. ( It was already used, only had things like google chrome on it not much else it was pretty much just to browse the internet. ) When I got it and got it online I had like 100+ windows updates it needed to get. I does say its compatible with windows 7, but is it really? Could something in windows 7 be making it not work due to something weird?
  7. It was component. it had the pr pb y and white red yellow I "made" the compnent cables as you said using the rca cables on the component side. Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard System Model: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC BIOS: Default System BIOS Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Available OS Memory: 2976MB RAM Page File: 1520MB used, 4427MB available Windows Dir: C:\Windows DirectX Version: DirectX 11 The laptop it works on is only a Inspiron 1525 Vista only has a 1.86 GHz (2CPU) 2038 RAM Direct X 11
  8. Ok I found enough cords to try and set it up, I plugged them all in one by one. The input was not able to be selected sitting in HDMI (but the device knew HDMI wasn't plugged in by the 2 lights on the device), I moved the slider a bit and it changed into component and whatever DVD that is in the player popped up in the preview screen but it is super blurry. (If I hit record the program stops responding and needs to be closed.) (Also, the first thing I did today on the laptop was a complete uninstall and I downloaded revo and got rid of anything roxio and redid the entire install.)
  9. It isn't that I am not taking suggestions, I looked around these forums for a long time to try out all the suggestions given everyone else and I have tried them all. The transcoder problem went away and that is when the device stopped getting a signal completely. I was recording video fine with audio/video while it was considered a transcoder with the yellow ! . It's just odd that out of the computer and my other laptop in the house, that this laptop can't get it to work when it has the required specs to use it at full force compared to the other two. I am trying to find more cables the dvd player is component/yellow/red/white (rca) All the cables that I am going to have extra are going to be the yellow/red/white(rca)
  10. Does it working on my other laptop and another computer not count as other devices? It worked on this laptop when it was calling it a transcoder. I could record fine, just the live streaming would pause every handful of seconds. Once I found the thread on here about fixing the transcoder problem and fixed it, I can't even get a signal.
  11. Just tried it, still red no signal. I can say though, if I do move the quality slider it does come up but changes me from HDMI to Component then if I try to change it back to HDMI the program stops responding and I have to close it. Also did another unplug from the USB port and repair install.
  12. Yes I fixed the transcoder problem, from a post that was on the forums by someone about reintalling and uninstalling. The whole time I had that problem the device worked though, I just thought that was the reason if I tried to stream on this laptop that it was pausing every 3-5 seconds on any quality I would try to use. So I looked around for a fix and got that. It was only after I got rid of the transcoder problem the device stopped receiving a signal. I can't do the DVD test because the dvd player is component and I don't have those cords only HDMI, but if I plug it into my old laptop that I used to use it on with bare min specs. It works.
  13. Alright to make it brief but informative. I got the device set up on my newer laptop after I have been using it on my very old broken down laptop for a while. The old specs were bare min. This laptops specs are above what I need to use 720p+ and all that. I set it up the same way I did before but when I went to stream it was always pausing every 5 seconds no matter what quality. So I look into my devices and everything and I had that weird transcoder problem going on (but the whole time I could stream (with the pausing)/record and see everything). I look around on here got that fixed thinking that was the problem to the pausing with streaming. I get the computer back on after doing the final steps of fixing the transcode problem, open up everything and all of a sudden I have the No Signal in red problem. I have tried many things already from seeing them on here. I can not get it to work. I hooked it back into my old laptop and it was working. I saw something on here about copying the disc files to a new user I did that and it just came up as repairing and not installing? I then tried to use it on the new user after doing that It did not fix the problem, switched back to the regular user still had the problem. Are there any new ways to get this fixed? Every since I bought it, I have always sent Roxio messages on twitter where they seem to be pretty active but just about give-aways and random peoples youtube channels about possible updates to make the device more usable things of that nature and no replies ever.
  14. I am out of ideas of fixing it so making the thread. I set up the capture card on a new laptop. It has a duo 2.20ghz rated at 3. something. 4gb of ram with 3 gb of usable. No matter what quality/bitrate I choose to stream at it pauses every 3 to 5 seconds. It is running Windows 7 I have been streaming in 480p on a very very old laptop but it worked everytime. The laptop i did 480p streaming off of only had a duo 1.86ghz with just 2gb of ram running vista. I installed the same exact way and set everything up the same exact way, but no matter what im changing it still pauses every 3 to 5 seconds using the better laptop. My internet is 20-25 down with usually at least 5 up. I just can't seem to get it to not have this problem on this other laptop. 100% out of ideas.