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    Dvd Does Not Burn

    Would you mind re-posting those instructions? I am having problems with rendering a slideshow and burning on MyDVD.
  2. I am also having problems burning a dvd of a slideshow using MyDVD. I tried using your link above to post the dxdiag but it didn't direct me anywhere. Any advice??
  3. My DVD does not encode. Any suggestions?

  4. Sir Alverez

    Creator Doesn't Recognize My Burner

    Brendon, Yes, the file is exactly where you indicated. I opened the folder and found the system file. Jeff
  5. Sir Alverez

    Creator Doesn't Recognize My Burner

    Brendon, I hope I gave you the correct screen capture. JeffREG.pdf
  6. Sir Alverez

    Creator Doesn't Recognize My Burner

    Brendon, I was able to get to the area you mentioned but I was unable to paste the information that you wanted to see. Would you be so kind and give me the information to place the screen capture you requested? Thanks, Jeff
  7. Sir Alverez

    Creator Doesn't Recognize My Burner

    Brendon-You are asking the right kind of questions but I don't think that I will be able to adequately answer them. Installation of NXT pro was in late November. I made about 15 cds since then. In January I spent a lot of time with an online tech who worked long hours trying to find the anwer to my problem. Somewhere along the way I noticed that NXT was now recognizing my burner when nothing had really been "fixed". There is a button that allows you to pick your writer speed and sometimes this button does not appear so I am unable to pick my speed. The last time I worked with tech help they clicked on the button (which somehow appeared) and my problem was "solved". I fear that I will have to either a) pay once again to get this problem fixed or use an older version of Roxio which worked for me in the past. I have turned off my i-tunes burner for fear that I may get a conflict between software. Last night I had to burn a cd so I used my windows media burner which worked like a champ. I'm sorry to say that I did not notice what the tech experts tried. All I know is that my aiblity to burn mix cds has been curtailed by the inablitily of the software to work.
  8. Sir Alverez

    Audio Fade In/fade Out

    If nothing else helps, perhaps you can edit the audio before you include the audio in your video. Audio edit will allow you to make the adjustments and save the file for inclusion in your video.
  9. Hello-A few months ago I bought Creator NXT pro, loaded the installation cds and was making my own mix cds in no time. Within the last 2 months Creator is not able to recognize my CD burner. I have paid tech support twice to help me with the problem only to have the problem return. I am tired of forking over money to get a band aid and would prefer to find a method that makes my program burn cds like it used to do. What kind of information do I need to supply to help get a solution?