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  1. Hi, I did say above that no changes have been made to the PC but? I have recently purchased one of these 35mm 5mp slide and negative scanners to SD card, for the last week I have scanned in loads old negs. I have just realised that the problem of not being able to save photos after editing only applies to those that have been scanned in with this scanner (how strange). Other photos from digital camera and those scanned in from Canon flatbed scanner are OK, any help as to why I cannot save the pics that have have been scanned in with the 35mm scanner (after editing) will be greatly appreciated, many thanks. Tom.
  2. Hi Yes, Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 (build 2600), 2.70 gigahertz AMD Sempron 140, NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a [Display adapter] No changes have been made to the PC. Regards, Tom.
  3. Hi All, I have been using PhotoSuite 7 for a number of years now, but very recently I have had this problem. I open a photo for editing make the changes and try to save, it goes through the normal motions of saving but then a box appears UNKNOWN ERROR cannot access (where the photo goes), save won't let me save it, all I can do is click NO but then I lose the photo. I have done all the normal things like deleting and reinstalling the program, disk clean up, clear cache, clear registry, and run scans for viruses. It will let me take a photo out of a folder make the changes but it will not let me put the photo back into the folder. Any help and ideas with this problem will be received with thanks. Tom