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  1. I have noticed in my most recent videos recorded on PS4 that the new games I have been recording have choppy looking video, almost as if there is frame skip. I know that 30 (29.97 more specifically) frames per second is the standard for recording with any video but with there being more games available that can only show at 60 fps, can we get an update that will allow us to record our content at 60fps?
  2. Novaura

    Ps4 Screen On Hdmi Inconsistency

    My Game Capture HD Pro has worked fine for two years with the Component on my PS3. But I have wanted to record on my PS4 and when I do, the screen fails to intact. It continously rotates between the game screen, a black screen and a blue screen and always goes from Ready to No Signal and back again. Why is this happening with the HDMI and not the Component?