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  1. I'm trying to burn a Window's Movie maker video to a DVD using Roxio Easy CD&DVD burning. I've got the menu page and audio, but no videos or pictures. I've tried it using WMM with both video and a picture slide show. Neither had any visual beyond the menu page. What am I doing wrong?!?!?!?
  2. Open Roxio easy CD&DVD burning. Open My DVD Express. Click "new movie" Then I found the file (.wmv) in a folder on my computer Highlight the file and click "add". Then I changed the titles and placement on the menu Click "Create Disc" Click "Burn" It showed the progress menu until it was done. Click "Done" I ejected the DVD When I put the DVD into my DVD player, I get the menu and audio but no picture. Strangely, when I used another .wmv file that came with my computer it worked. It was a generic video of a bear. Does it make a difference what picture file types are in the Windows Movie Maker Project? A side note: All of these videos work when I use Wondershare Converter software, but I have that darn watermark! Help!
  3. I thought I had explained. But I'll try it again. I created Windows Movie Maker videos of home videos (and pictures) I wanted to convert to DVDs. One has a collection of videos, one has pictures in a slide show. Both are format .wmv. I used Roxio easy CD&DVD burning to take them from WMM to a DVD so that I can watch them on the DVD player. When I put the DVD (that I burned using Roxio) into the DVD player, I see the menu I created. But when I push play, I hear the audio but I don't see the video or the pictures. All I get is a black screen with audio. I can watch them on my computer using Wondershare, but I don't want to use that because of the watermark. What am I doing wrong and what else would you need to know???