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  1. Hello, I have Creator Business v10 DVD and using Edit tool MyDVD in it, edited a camera captured *.MOV file. I want to save this edited file as the same format *.MOV file. How do I do it??? Pls help
  2. Hi. I am a new member. I posted my question 2 days ago (7/23) but it's gone. I cannot find it anywhere in this forum. (Well, Return key does not work. hmmm...) I will repeat my question regarding the CD burning issue. I have Creator Business v10 and tried to save my data files (*.jpeg). For some reason, the file date/time recorded on the CD is not the date/time the file created but it's the date/time that the CD is created/recorded. I went to : Data Disk->Options->Data and Backup->Advanced->File Date and Time and selected "Original date and time". This setup records the CD create/record date/time. Also tried "Mastered date and time". No difference, same CD create/record date and time. How do I keep the original file created date/time on CD? Please help. Bernie J.
  3. Hello, Digital guru. Yep! It works and I successfully posted my question. Many thanks. Bernie J.
  4. Hello, I have Roxio Creator Business v10, and I am trying to burn CD to save jpeg files. I try to keep the original file creation date/time but when the CD is burnt, the date/time tag on the CD files are the date/time of CD burn/creation date/time. When the Creator Business v10 is open, ->Data Disk->Option->Data and Backup->Advanced->File Date and Time, and selected "Original date and time". This selection gives the CD creation date/time on each files in the CD instead of file creation date/time. Also tried "Mastered date and time" in the same tab but no diff - date/time is still in the CD creation date/time. My question is "how to keep the original file creation date/time in the CD?". Pls help. Bernie J.
  5. Sorry, rretzler and Digital guru. I am a new member of this forum and I don't even know how and where to post my questions. Apparently, the title question "Where do I put questions about the Roxio ..." is exactly what I am asking. But the details and reply are not my question. So, please help me on these 2 questions: 1. In the Roxio web page how do I post my questions? 2. My Roxio is "Creator Business v10" and I am burning a CD with Data Disk tab. In the tap, the Option menu->Data and Backup/Advanced->File Date and Time, selected "Original date and time". However, actual date/time recorded on the CD is the CD creation date/time, not the original date/time of the file creation. Tried with "Mastered date and time" option. Still the CD creation date/time recorded - which means the 2 options make no diff. So, bottom line is "how do I record the original file creation date/time on the CD? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Bernie J.