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    Creating A Vcd

    Did you choose the correct Project setting? I don't have the apps in front of me but in one of the menus (in the DVD Builder), there should be one menu where it says about Project settings. You have to choose VCD on that.
  2. See the extra info: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...findpost&p=4679
  3. malatekid

    Roxio Takes Liberties With Your Files

    Thank you for the response! I'm glad it will be rectified.
  4. malatekid

    Roxio Takes Liberties With Your Files

    I know that this is a question to the EMC development team: What is the rational for changing the property (date modification) of files that EMC never created (such as pictures)? This will surely mess up some applications such as incremental backing-up of computer data files that is set to rely on dates. I hope the development team considers this as a flawed design and provide an update to rectify it.
  5. malatekid

    An Update On 8.05?

    Ooopps, what happened to my manners? Thank you Paul for pointing to the update and to Jeff for the confirmation. Actually, I saw that update and thought that it was the original one that was supposed to have been removed as there was a post in the old forum about the removal but no updated post to say it was already fixed. Thanks to all. I find this forum very helpful.
  6. In the old forum, it was announced that 8.05 was removed and was to be updated (for a problem with installation dorectory other than prescribed). Has the update on 8.05 been released or is it coming up anytime soon now? When?
  7. I have two existing dmsm that I would like to combine to a new single dmsm. What are the steps to do this? Thank you.
  8. malatekid

    Dvd To Vcd

    That's what I thought; multiple projects. Thanks for the opinion. I'm sending to friends in Asia where VCD is most commonly used than DVD.
  9. I have a DVD project (dmsd) that is approx 8 gb in size and has 14 titles on it. I would like to create and burn the same project as VCD. IS there a way to span it to multiple VCD? Or should I create multiple VCD projects with say 4 projects on each one (so to create maybe 4 VCDs for one project)? Any suggestion?
  10. I learned a lot (tips, tricks, techniques, how to) in prior postings. Are they archived? If so, can we access them? Thank you.