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  1. malatekid

    Length Of Slides In Slideshow

    Take a look at the snapshot below for steps to change duration.
  2. malatekid

    Creator (Dell Edition) To Creator 2012

    Good to hear that!
  3. Then you said wrong! There is no delete option only uninstall. Unless Bill wrote a special Windows Operating System just for you? I think Jim was referring to the Delete button on the keyboard. Edit: I tried the steps that Jim did as stated in post #2. My system is Windows XP (I am aware that Jim has Windows 7). 1) clicked the device (NOT right click) to select it (in my case I clicked the Asus drive) 2) then pressed the Delete button on the keyboard. It brought up a similar Confirmation dialogue box presented in post #2. Another Edit: Windows 7 - applied the same steps above and got similar result
  4. malatekid

    Dual Layer Burning

    Jmak, if your version of the movie is in a DVD video-folder format already (not an *.iso), you can use the "Write files/folders to disc" of ImgBurn and point to the DVD video-folder as the source.
  5. malatekid

    Dual Layer Burning

    At the top of this page, click on My Settings. Then choose Notifcation Options tab on the left side.
  6. malatekid

    Left-Right Balance

    Thanks Steve. I saw this earlier but did not get a chance to reply to it. Alan, take a look a this discussion thread. It was posted in a prior version of the Suite but nevertheless should still apply. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/28858-how-can-i-convert-stereo-to-monaural-mono/page__view__findpost__p__155601 Good Luck!
  7. malatekid

    Creator (Dell Edition) To Creator 2012

    I suggest a complete uninstall of the existing Creator DE (which you said is a watered-down version of Creator 10). You did not indicate what operating system you have in that Dell Studio XPS. You can use the links below as guide for uninstallation. Windows XP - http://kb.roxio.com/...S=set-locale=en Windows Vista - http://kb.roxio.com/...S=set-locale=en
  8. malatekid

    Overlay Video On Jpg Background

    Check out this discussion thread to get an idea of creating overlay.
  9. malatekid

    Arranging Order Of Photos For Slide Show.

    After viewing/learning the tutorial referred to by ogdens above, click the Video/Movies tab on the left side, and select "Edit Video -Advanced" (this is what I called Videowave in my first reply to you). And yes, you can do those Photoshow "perks" and much more!
  10. malatekid

    Arranging Order Of Photos For Slide Show.

    Assuming all your "named" photos are in one folder and you're just starting a slideshow, you can give this a try: 1) Open Videowave 2) On the left pane, under Tools, select "New Slideshow" 3) Click "Add Photos" and browse to the folder where all photos are located 4) Select all photos (or press Ctrl+A) 5) Photos are in placed in "named" order (ascending order) 6) Click Next. Select desired options and press Finish. This will you bring you back to Videowave You can modify the options selected in step 5 above. Good luck!
  11. malatekid

    Adding Data Files & Photos To Slide Show Disc

    I don't have much time now to spell out the details but here is an outline. Other members can fill in the missing details 1) Bring in your Videowave production to MyDVD 2) Once you complete your MyDVD project, create a DVD folder set 3) Create a folder, if not yet done, containing all the photos/data 4) Follow the steps (beginning from discussion on Burn Data Disc) from this guide. It was written for a prior version but should still be usable for Creator 2012 (I just tried it and the steps outlined there for Burn Data Disc still works in Creator 2012). Make sure the combined size of the two folders does not exceed the size of the intended disc. Good luck!
  12. malatekid

    Video Wave

    Just an observation: The Video_TS folder is in the root in Jim's case, and in a child folder (subfolder) in cd's case. Could that be a reason as to the playability/nonplayability(or error) of each one? If I get the chance tonight, I will try the BDD and report back with my result.
  13. malatekid

    File To Big

    What were your settings for disc size and quality? How long in time is the production?
  14. malatekid

    Video Wave Production Editor

    Nice to hear the issue got resolved.
  15. malatekid

    Video Wave Production Editor

    Close Videowave. In the same folder where your Videowave project is saved, there is a file with suffix ".dat" . Delete that one. Open the Videowave project and hopefully the thumbnails are recreated and clear now.
  16. malatekid

    Norton Community Forum

    Works fine in Firefox; it opens up in IE7 but freezes and locks up (had to useTask manager to close it). I have McAfee Total protection installed in my computer. I also tried opening using IE9 (Windows 7); worked fine.
  17. malatekid

    How Do I Compress A Home Made Video To Email

    .. or you can try the upfordown free online file sharing. Take a look at the FAQ on that site.
  18. malatekid

    Video Effects

    Check this out. I don't know though if it is compatible or can be used with Video Lab HD.
  19. malatekid

    Creating Play All Button

    Do what Walt suggested in post #2 above and then take a look at this post.
  20. It's not a specifric requirement of Creator 2012. You just "don't get the benefit of ATI Stream and Cuda acceleration" if you don't have AMD ATI Stream or NVIDIA® CUDA enabled graphics cards.
  21. This link provides the minimum system requirement to install Creator 2012.
  22. malatekid

    Sports Videos

    Check out this thread for a possible idea to accomplish what you want.
  23. Here is the link to the complete uninstall of Creator 2010.
  24. malatekid

    Fit To Dvd

    Please provide the exact name of the software you are using. Store bought (or purchased online)? Are you trying toi make a DVD out of the wmv file you have? How long in time is the duration of that video? Provide details of what you are trying to do.
  25. malatekid

    Can't Record Video Camera Stuff?

    A search on the internet indicates the code you quoted (Sony AC-V25A ) is a power adaptor, not a video camera model.