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    Thank you, Mr. Guru...........I think I need more help. Referring to the You tube video. I attempted to separate the segments I want to make into tracks. First cut was OK. I attempted to make a second cut, to --in effect -- isolate this track- to- be.. It would not allow it. Track one would end at 14 minutes in to the show. Four minutes will be eliminated and track 2 begins at 18 minutes in. So, I made the separation at 14. I went ahead to make another cut at 18. It wouldn't allow it. So, then I went ahead to the end of track two to be, which is at almost 22. Wouldn't allow it...............It kept saying......"System will not allow cut here because the result is too small.".....................You said at the outset that I have a poor version of the software. Is that the reason? I wonder ......I'm contemplating getting a new computer in the next few months.....Do I get an Apple, with the editing equipment built in? Or, what do you think I should do? Or, did I just do this wrong???
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    I've had a MY DVD VIDEO LAB for several years and have converted several hundred old video tapes to dvd. Now I want to try something new and I'm stuck. I'm importing a piece of video, 90 minutes long and I want to edit it to seven tracks, in a different order than now, and cut it to about 70 minutes. I know exactly what I want to do. I just don't know how to do it. I've gone to the Edit Video Advanced and have no idea how to proceed. Would somebody please give me step by step instructions. Thank you so much.
  3. I have always used video tape to CAPTURE VIDEO. I have the old red, white and blue plugs in a vhs machine and plugged into the back of my computer. Today I need to access video stored on my computer for my CAPTURE VIDEO. right now Roxio only recognizes the vhs machine. I've got the video on my hard drive. How do I get Roxio to recognize it and begin to let me use it. Thank you for whatever you can teach me!!!