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    Won't Recognize Blueray Drive - Split

    Digital Guru, Thank you for the information regarding my product. I tried your suggestion, but do not have the option to select "Test Only". The only option on my software is "Write Only". "Test" & "Test then Write" do not appear when I select the dropdown under Burn options. I think I will have to purchase new software that will allow Bluray disc burning. To answer your question, no, I have never burned a Bluray disc before. I purchased the laptop in 2009 and it came with a Bluray player/burner. My understanding at the time of purchase was that the drive would burn Bluray disks, but at the time, they were not readily available and I didn't need disks that big, so I never tried one. I forget the details, but I must have gotten new software, as I assume Roxio 2011 was not available at the time of purchase. I have previously & can still burn CD's & DVD's, but now that file sizes are increasing, I wanted to start burning Bluray disks, to save space. From what I have found and your comments confirmed, it does not appear that the software will allow bluray disk burning. I will see if there is an add-on program that will allow Bluray disc burning, or just find some new software that will do the same. Thank you for your assistance. Aron
  2. Hello, I have Creator 2011 Plus. My laptop came factory installed with a Bluray player/burner. I can burn CD's and DVD's but the software indicates any blank Bluray disk I put in the drive as "non-writable". I downloaded the Creator 2011 update for Bluray drives, but the result was a message indicating I already have the most current update. I can't find any help on the Roxio or Corel websites. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Thank you! Aron