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  1. Hello, I am an IT admin and wish to better understand licensing behind some of the products I may include in a PC image. I need some help regarding the EULA for Roxio Creator Starter 12.1.x that was included with a Dell purchase. I've seen many posts in the forums stating that this application is 'Dell Software'. The Sonic Solutions EULA for this application states that under the agreement, I am obtaining one of the following three types of licenses (1) a "Trial" version for a limited period of time (2) a "Single-User License" which allows me to use one copy for my personal use or (3) a "Volume License". I assume these aren't trial versions, because the application function does not expire. Type 2 and 3 refers to a purchase which I never made - it came free of charge on my Dell PC. With respect to license compliance for the starter version of Roxio Creator, is this a Corel application that would be included in an audit done by Corel, or a Dell application that would be reported to Dell? If I wanted to include this application in an image, would I engage Dell to obtain permission, or Corel? How can I be certain that I am compliant given the ambiguity of the EULA? Thank you.