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  1. James Plays

    Capture Portion Fails To Run

    I should also add that the editing portion of the software works fully. It all works, rendering and clipping etc... The issue stated above is all.
  2. I am having difficulties when trying to access the capture portion of my software. I have the patch installed, this makes no defference. When clicking on the capture button on the launch pad, the loading image appears and shortly dissapears. After waiting for 2-4 hours multiple times i decided it was never going to load. Previously i have had issues when trying to re-install, uninstall and simply run the software. I have nearly given up on the software. I have tried installing each part (Directx, and .net.) however this has not helped in the slighest. I have admin access, nothing has been installed or deleted before this happened. It simply began, well... not working. I hope for some very kind person to aid me in my issue. Thank you. James
  3. To my issue I feel it is appropriate to give a little back-story so; I am currently having some issues trying to re-install the program after uninstalling due to an issue with the capture software. I only resorted to uninstalling as the repair software always got interupted and immediately completed. Which it hadn't. Now it is fully uninstalled, all files temp. files etc... everything to do with roxio, Deleted. At the moment i am seeking help from microsoft due to an update which will not install, it is unlikely this is the issue to the main problem. My main problem now is; When attempting to install, i go through all of the set-up, CD key entered correctly, search updates. Etc... When trying to install however, it reaches installing Microsoft.Net 3.5 SP1, and says preparing to roll back. Litterally every time. I have looked on my laptop and nowhere is there any files for .Net 3.5 SP1, There is and installed .Net 3.5, this is the part it gets stuck on. Icontacted microsoft also for this. They suggested to manually install it, I donwloaded the file with no issues. However when i run the file, the box to confirm install/allow the program to run. I click yes. On one day i left this for 6 hours and 35 minutes. Still no installer or anything, just my desktop screen. I have tried various solutions. Such as; Uninstall .Net 3.5/all versions. And re-installing = Didn't work Copy all files from disk to HDD = All copied still produces same issue, So i believe i can rule out the cd-rom being the issue. and many more, after trauling through various forums and support. Even contacing roxio. (Contacting roxio proved no use, as my product is over the 14 day support, and i do not wish to pay for support on an issue as to this. Could anyone provide any help to anyone of the issues? It would be a great help, as this is making me annoyed as i cant make a thing! I have decided if this whole ordeal is over, either outcome... I am getting a proper PC, hauppauge hdpvr and a blue yeti. The hauppauge, as it is superior to my bad little GameCap, in EVERY way. But seriously. Any help is welcomed hugely.
  4. James Plays

    Uninstall Issue

    Just to update, i have been abe to fully remove the software now. However I encounter a screen which says that the installer was interupted. Hope anyone can help me.
  5. James Plays

    Uninstall Issue

    My laptop retains the installer, which i cannot find anywhere on my laptop. However there are no files for the application. Ive tried the microsoft version of this kind of software. Im also thinking of buying a hauppauge now. I just dont know what to try. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  6. Where you have the image of your consle screen, there will be a speaker image, well looks like a speaker, if you click this it may work. Might just have the audio muted in program. Hope this helps!
  7. James Plays

    Uninstall Issue

    I am currently expiriencing issues attempting to uninstall v1.0 of the included software. With the roxio gamecap 1. It began as the capture software would display the loading box, but then crash. I tried to repair the software by inserting the disk. However it would display the repair window. But then immediately close and say it had completed. It hadn't. I then tried to uninstall the software, which pulls up the window and gets to a point and says "Status: Prepairing to roll back" after a few seconds it closes with no box after. Can anyone suggest anything to fix the issue?