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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I don't know where to put it. Well when I moved the house around, and hooked up my capture card, I went to install the software onto my computer again but the disk is lost. I have the product key and proof of purchase on my account( I can provide a picture, or the product key if needed). Is there a way I can get a digital copy of the software, or another disk? My support key is long expired, so the forum is my last hope. -Gedden
  2. When I click on share to youtube via Videowave, a blank screen comes up, Wegame and Facebook work fine, but youtube doesn't appear as anything but a blank screen. Any suggestions?
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    'laggy; Choppy' Video

    I'm not sure how to describe it, it was originally horribly distorted, but I use Directshow Capture, and it seems to stabilize most of it. However, when I make fast movements, or play a low graphic game, it becomes broken, and choppy. I don't know if it is the cables or not, but if it's the game capture card, my support code is gone and that will be a pain, hoping its cables or power supply though. I would provide pictures if I could, but I can't. Computer specs: http://reviews.cnet....7-33955886.html Picture: (can't provide as it doesn't show the issue in picture form). When I make it a video, the effect is hardly there, however, my video lags every now and then, in varying intensity. Is there a way to solve that aswell? Edit: Video: (Currently Uploading) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT4BKo1EVRA&feature=youtu.be