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    Script Error?

    i have had my roxio for about a year or two and i've been using it on my laptop perfectly fine and now im trying to use it for my windows 8 desktop and it reboots my computer when ever i start it and it says there is a problem. some times on a good day it will run fine but it will say there is a script error and i have tried updating it and it still does the same thing. also while having the capture card inserted in my usb and after 20 mins my computer had a problem and rebooted and it did it again when it came back and it is frustrating that it doesn't want to work for me when it works for a lot of other people. some one please help. if i don't get any help i'm probably just going to try a different capture card that i know will work for my computer.
  2. ok so i bought the Roxio Game Capture for my ps3 and i installed it on my laptop and that was maybe a year or two ago and i tried getting it on my new PC but i tried finding the CD but failed and i tried file transferring from my laptop to my PC with team viewer and i dont have an external hard drive to transfer the stuff i need off the laptop and i have pretty much tried everything and im really really irritated with this. By the way i have my key from when i registered the product. i dont know it that helps or not. please help me!!