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    Runtime Error Through Windows Visual C++

    I even stopped Windows Defender, and tried it. I dont understand how it can work for so long, and just out of the blue it stops working.
  2. XGPanther2012

    Runtime Error Through Windows Visual C++

    Thank you for the reply, but I have tried this over and over again. It was working just fine and then all of a sudden, it stopped working. No new software was added to my machine, no new updates, as I have automatic updates off, nothing new to the PC. I even went back to a date that I knew it was working, and it still will not do anything. Any other suggestions?
  3. XGPanther2012

    Runtime Error Through Windows Visual C++

    I have tried every single thing I have found on these forums to try and fix the Runtime Error when I hit the Capture button. It worked for so long, then all of a sudden it comes up with this. The Edit and Share button works fine, just cant capture anything or live stream. Im about ready to buy an El Gato or HD PVR if something cant be done to fix this.
  4. Hello everybody, hopefully there is someone out there that can help. Im trying to add an audio clip into my video, one of an independent artist, whom I have full permission to use his music, but when I click Add Background Music, I get this error. VideoWave has stopped working. Close program, and it closes my entire project. does anybody know what can be causing this?